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Things I don't feel like I should have to say but... Here we are...
  • I am not available short notice. Due to my schooling and my personal life, I prefer to book a day ahead of time. I require at least 4 hours notice. Your work meetings, vacations, doctors appointments, etc... are scheduled in advance...

  • Deposits are non refundable. Allowing you to reschedule with the previous deposit is at my discretion. I will refund a deposit if I have to cancel. However, if I have to leave/end the date because of hygiene, safety, drugs, etc... I will keep the deposit/investment for wasting my time. Do not waste my time!

  • I will allow ONE reschedule at MY discretion with the previous deposit. You must reschedule within the next 30 days. After the first cancelation, I will require the full fee for the booking paid upfront at the time of scheduling.

  • Any prebooks/prepays must be used within 30 days. 

  • I dont do drugs. Please dont do HARD drugs. I dont like them.  I am 420 friendly, but I will not partake.

  • Email is my preferred method of communication.

  • Upon arrival please place the investment on the counter in plain site.

  • If you have any health conditions/disabilities please let me know!

  • Touring investments will be different than in DFW. 

  • Please make use of my shower, bathroom, mouth wash, etc... I expect you to shower upon arrival. It's Texas. It's hot. I don't care if you "just showered". Sadly, I need to see the shower.

  • Please do not come over unnanounced. Also, please do not show up super early and lurk. Be discreet. 

  • Outcalls are available! Please clean your place! If I smell urine or see signs hard drug use, I am leaving, and keeping the investment. 

  • All bookings canceled within 24 hours require payment of the full investment. I blocked out time in my schedule for you. Don't waste my time. 

  • I only do overnights, FM2Y's, and trips with gentlemen that I have seen before, and we vibe together! Ya'll are THE BEST!

  • Do not message me on onlyfans about a booking. Im not going to respond...

  • I will put you on multiple national blacklists for wasting my time, not paying the cancelation fees, making/having an unsafe/unclean environment. Just be an awesome gentleman! Not hard!

  • I dont book on snapchat!

  • I do not like butt stuff, fingers, or unsafe practices. 

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